Kit DuduiT Pro Waterless Cleaning

Kit DuduiT Pro Waterless Cleaning

  • Waterless cleaning
  • DuduiTpro cleans more than 10 bikes and 5 cars!
  • Multiphase Formula
  • Promotes glossy shine
Kit: 500mL Duduit Pro, 2X microfiber
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Areas of application

For a beautiful, shiny vehicle, you should use DuduiTpro, waterless washing. The tests were carried out on very dirty black cars and the results were impressive: 200ml is enough to clean completely... DuduiTpro Waterless Car Wash is a cleaning product that safely removes surface contaminants and leaves the car absolutely spotless. This formula is designed to "pull" dirt off your car's paintwork to help ensure a streak-free finish. That means you'll save money on all those products, and, above all, the time it takes to wash your car or motorcycle! DuduiTpro waterless washing can also be used for domestic cleaning, removing grease and stubborn dirt in the kitchen and garage. Decide on your savings and buy DuduiTpro waterless washing.


• clean your entire vehicle without a hose
• promotes glossy shine
• non-toxic, biodegradable and phosphate free
• ready-to-use solution


The powerful agents clean away the dirt, while the polymers leave a smooth and protective finish. In addition, you manage to preserve 300 liters of water per wash. DuduiTpro waterless washing can be used on all surfaces such as bodywork, windshields, plastics, wheels... Think about the water, time and money you will save. Our formula is made up of eight components: anti-insect, anti-tar, rim cleaner, windshield cleaner, detergent, rinse aid, plastic polish and an anti-dirt agent.

Instructions for use

Apply to the area to be cleaned (in 1st place) then pass with the microfiber to shine. Easy!

Data sheet

Data sheet
Limpeza sem agua
Falta agua
Interior e exterior
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