Finishing Wax Carnabau Finish

Finishing Wax Carnabau Finish

  • Fast drying
  • Works at high and low temperatures
  • Wax effect
Hydrophobic Gloss Wax
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Areas of application

Concentrated drying agent with wax effect, used at high and low temperatures (15-70°C). Provides fast drying, protects the body and adds shine.


Protection and shine wax. Based on hydrophobic agents and natural waxes. Illuminates body colors. Increases drying with stainless results.


Special for the shine and fast drying of the car in automatic washes. It is a special composition capable of filming the entire car with a very thin, non-greasy protective layer. Gives bodywork shine and allows water droplets to slide off, creating solid molecular protection. This product also does not leave the usual film of grease on the glass when using the wipers, which reduces visibility and makes driving at night annoying. Responds to pollution regulations in new plants with water recycling purifiers, thanks to the scrupulous choice of surfactants, the balance of water-soluble solvents and the absence of mineral oil. Can be used in portals, tunnels and self-service lanes.

Instructions for use

WITH WASHING SYSTEMS: IMPULSE SYSTEM Allow the product to be aspirated pure or diluted 1: 3/4 with water, keeping the number of impulses between 10 and 40 and calculating a final dilution proportional to the passage of water of about 1:800/1000. RECOMMENDATIONS: at a temperature of -10 ° C, the product can change its appearance, heat it up a little and shake it to be able to reuse it normally. Read the safety data sheet before using the product. Product for professional use..

Data sheet

Data sheet
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Exclusivamente para clientes comerciais

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