Okdiesel diesel treatment
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Okdiesel diesel treatment

  • Removes carbon deposits.
  • Prevents clogging of injectors.
  • Improves combustion.
  • Reduces fuel consumption.
  • Reduces corrosion and mechanical wear.
  • Reduces exhaust gas emissions.
  • Improves engine starting and performance.
400 ml, Can
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Areas of application

Okdiesel guarantees permanent cleaning of the injection system, preventing the formation of residues and oxidation. It is a multi-functional diesel fuel treatment system that will provide the following performance benefits for all diesel engines:


  • Reduces fuel consumption (up to -6%) by improving combustion.
  • Neutralizes impurities in diesel oil, and neutralizes water.
  • Acts as antifreeze.
  • Prevents bacterial contamination
  • Protects the engine (cylinders, valves, rings, rims) against oxidation.
  • Cleans, protects and prolongs the life of filters, catalytic converters and exhaust pipes.
  • Improves cold starts and regulates slow motion.
  • Helps meet European standards 4 and 5.
  • Helps care for the environment by reducing pollutant emissions (- 50% in unburned hydrocarbons and - 30% in particles).
  • Reduces black smoke missions.
  • Resets the injectors
  • Improves engine performance.
  • Keeps the EGR valve and turbo blades clean.
  • Lubricates and prolongs the life of the injectors and the fuel pump.


Okdiesel has been specifically formulated to combat drivability concerns caused by by-products of combustion and the negative effects of fuel degradation. Okdiesel cleans and lubricates the entire pre- and post-combustion fuel system. It improves engine power and overall efficiency, as well as significantly reducing component replacement on direct and indirect injection engines as well as time and money. Okdiesel is compatible with common rail direct injection and Pumpe Duse diesel. Okdiesel does not affect the cetane value of diesel fuel. It is not a corrosive product, which is why it does not attack metals or internal engine components.

Instructions for use

1 – Insert okDiesel into the tank in the proportion below (diesel volume) - 1st treatment : 2%o - Periodic treatment : 1%o - Antifreeze : 2%o (up to – 17ºC) - Stabilizer : 2 %o


The use of Okdiesel Diesel Treatment must be carried out every 1,000 km • For used, dirty or inactive engines, we recommend prior cleaning with 55K and cleaning the air intake with DNT.

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