Injector Cleaner Diesel IJD 1L

Injector Cleaner Diesel IJD 1L

  • Removes carbon deposits.
  • Prevents clogging of injectors.
  • Improves combustion.
  • Reduces fuel consumption.
  • Reduces corrosion and mechanical wear.
  • Reduces exhaust gas emissions.
  • Improves engine starting and performance.
Can, 1 Liter
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Fields of application

IJD Diesel Injector Cleaner is designed for cleaning old and new generation diesel injection systems. Cleans the injection system, improves lubrication and reduces injector fouling associated with conventional diesel engines. BENEFITS Highly concentrated professional formula. Cleans: the tubes, the high pressure pump, the booster, the flow regulator, the injector nozzle, the needles and the combustion chamber. It restores the performance of the original injection system. Reduces diesel consumption. It removes acceleration "gaps". Eliminates combustion residues, carbon, deposits and other soot. Reduces combustion chamber and EGR valve fouling. Improves engine performance and lubricates the injection system.


Prevents wear and seizure of injectors and injection pump. Increases Kethane level: + 3 points. The anti-pollution test becomes easy. Compatible with: direct injection, indirect injection, sequential, common rail, EGR, DPF, oxidation catalyst, old and new generation engines, conventional diesel and biofuels. Contains the Antifriction Metal process: to improve the lubrication of the injectors. Contains exhaust gas treatment: to reduce carbon and soot deposits on valves and in the combustion chamber. Applicable in preventive treatment, but also in curative purging of the injection system to clean the injection pump and solve the appearance of blocked injectors.


Blend of anionic and non-ionic surfactants with microgranules appearance and color: light colored paste odor: compound lavender ph: 7.5 approx relative density: 1:1 paste water solubility: yes< /span>


The 1 liter bottle treats up to 80 liters per full tank (cars, trucks and agricultural vehicles, civil construction, public works). Apply before filling and speed up the entire supply. The curative application purges the injectors: start the engine, mix 500 ml of IJD with 500 ml of diesel and, little by little, apply the mixture through the fuel filter or directly through the injection pump. Put the remaining 500ml in the tank, add 20 liters of diesel and accelerate until the tank is empty. Apply every 10,000 km or once a year.


Use a pack for 2,000 km of regular driving.

Injecteur Cleaner Diesel IJD is developed for cleaning diesel injection systems, old and new generations. Clean the injection system, improve lubrication and reduce fouling injectors associated with conventional diesels. BENEFITS Highly Concentrated Professional Formula. It cleans: pipes, high pressure pump, booster pump, flow regulator, injector nozzle, needle valves and combustion chamber. It restores the performance of the original injection system. It reduces the diesel consumption. It removes the “gaps” in the acceleration. It removes the combustion residues, the carbon, the deposits and other soot. It reduces fouling of the combustion chamber and the EGR valve. Improve engine performance and lubricates the injection system.

Data sheet

Data sheet
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