WX Turbo Cleaner Diesel 1L

  • The most efficient formula on the market
  • Removes soot and frees variable turbo geometry
  • Cleans and regenerates the particle filter without dismantling
  • Optimizes engine power
  • Prolongs service life and avoids particulate filter replacement
Can, 1 liter, 100% effective.
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Areas of application

Turbo Cleaner Diesel WX is a high-performance diesel cleaning additive that cleans the variable turbo geometry and allows deep cleaning and regeneration of the particulate filter (DPF). The combination of different factors like short trips, city traffic is the cause of excessive soot formation. Furthermore, the particulate filter can only regenerate itself under specific circumstances (engine temperature, constant speed or load).


Turbo Clean Diesel WX treatment is recommended once a year or every 30,000km. Why use Turbo Clean Diesel WX To meet the demands on both performance and emission standards (Euro) levels, modern diesel injection systems have become extremely precise and complex As the restrictions imposed on injection systems increase, anti-pollution systems become less tolerant. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the injection system, turbo and particulate filter have become essential to maintain optimal engine operation.


Turbo Cleaner Diesel WX is a curative cleaning agent specially developed to clean the variable geometry of the turbo and allow a deep regeneration of the diesel particulate filter, without dismantling it. The Turbo Cleaner Diesel WX treatment is specially adapted for high-pressure systems (classic, piezo, HDi, DCi…) and for exhaust gas after-treatment devices (catalytic converters, particulate filters).

Instructions for use

1. Pour the bottle into the tank containing about 30L of diesel. 2. Drive until you run out of fuel, if possible several trips of about 50 km on the motorway at a speed greater than 3500 rpm. 3. Refuel.


Use a pack for 10000 km of regular driving.

Data sheet

Data sheet
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