Ceramic current lubrication XJ1

Ceramic current lubrication XJ1

  • Lubricating film is candle and pressure resistant
  • Extremely resistant to rotation
  • Resistant to cold water, hot water and splashes
  • Special additives reduce friction and wear
  • Compatible with currents and anises O/X/Z
Excellent lubricating properties, 500ml aerosol
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Areas of application

Synthetic lubricant with ceramic for current motorcycles, on and off-road. Xj1 is an advanced oil lubricant for motorcycle currents, SYNTHETIC with ceramic that defines a new standard in current lubrication. It was developed to combat corrosion by chemical action and to resist washing water, leaving a uniform protective layer against aggressive agents. The current from a motorcycle operates in a very aggressive environment, with frequent and prolonged contact with humidity, during the winter months, which is why oils and current lubricants are important. Without adequate lubricants and protection, corrosion can quickly deteriorate the current, which can result in increased friction reducing current life. The operating temperature of the current is also reduced to 20° C in relation to the concurrent products of oils and lubricants.


As a result, the current will last longer and will guarantee a smooth and efficient transfer of power to the rear wheel, reducing the need for frequent adjustments and the use of other lubricants. It is the responsibility of the user available under current conditions, lubrication and adjustment as part of regular insurance.


Xj1 is part of a group of lubricants suitable for standard, O-Ring and X-Ring chains. It forms a long-lasting white lubricating film, with excellent resistance to high-speed starts and water washout. Low-attrition coating for reduced operating temperatures and extended current life. Excellent protection against metal corrosion resulting from exposure to moisture and sun. The XJ1 refill current lubricant can be filled from the largest can. The kit includes a microfiber polishing cloth and a CD with a demo video of the kit also applied to sports bikes.

Instruments for use

Place the motorcycle on a central stand and spray on a clean stream, allowing it to soak in (apply with the motorcycle unconnected). Leave a motorcycle stationary for brief moments. Spray bem a stream. Allow to act for brief moments. Clean with a cloth. Let dry. Separate sprayer with XJ1. A periodic application of the XJ1 product in the lubrication of currents prolongs the useful life of the entire kit of currents.

Data sheet

Data sheet
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