Ceramic current lubrication XJ1

Lubricating film is candle and pressure resistant
Extremely resistant to rotation
Resistant to cold water, hot water and splashes
Special additives reduce friction and wear
Compatible with currents and anises O/X/Z

Excellent lubricating properties, 500ml aerosol
Engine Glue Gray ThreeBond 1215

Content: 250ml
Color: Gray
Type of reaction: Deoxime
Viscosity: 70 Pa.s
Specific Gravity: 1.50
Skin over time: 60 minutes
Harness Shore: A45
Elongation: 320%
Tensile strength: 1.5 MPa
Shear strength: 0.8 MPa (Al)
Pressure resistance:> 10.0 MPa (15 mm flange)
Effective temperature range: -60°C ~ +200°C (+250°C intermittently)

High quality sealing and bonding compound.